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This blog will be about the economic re-development of North Tulsa and the recovery of Black Wall Street. It will focus on the affluence of Black Wall Street prior to the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. It will also explore how the Greenwood District has rebuilt itself since. It will feature stories of businesses that have chosen to root themselves in the community. I will also post articles about events that have positively affected the area and highlight influential leaders involved in the reform of North Tulsa.

This blog will be linked to a social media account to expand its reach to include more people and increase accessibility with the younger generation who are rebuilding the city. With this blog, I will build awareness for this underrepresented community and businesses and in the area. By being subscribed to Google Trends on keywords related to Black Wall Street and North Tulsa, I will stay up to date on current events happening in the area. With it being Black History Month this February, I expect the Greenwood District and its history to be in the spotlight. 

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